Sprinkle in a little Pixie…

Picture 1No matter what grade level, students at Sheridan School enjoy working with Pixie, a multimedia program new to Sheridan this year. Pixie’s start up page states “Art starts here” but this creativity tool is so much more than that. Students are able to combine artwork with other images and text, embed audio or underscore their work with a music track.

Here are two examples which exemplify the kind of work students are doing with Pixie.

The first video is from the third grade’s Native American unit where students were asked to reflect on a quote, or saying from the Native American culture. Each third grader picked a quote and with the help of Mrs. Newtown created a Pixie slide and then recorded their reflection.

Third grade students spotlighted in the video include Emma, Grayson, Ben and Peter from Mrs. Glynn’s class, Ashley, Brady, Briggi and Hunter from Mrs. Loughrin’s class and J.D., Chris, Leland and Paige from Mrs. Weaver’s class. To view the complete presentations, visit the teacher’s web sites.

The second video is from the first grade’s African Animals unit. Students researched the animals and with the help of Mrs. Newtown, created their Pixie animal masterpieces. Next we recorded what they had learned. They were so excited to share their knowledge!

First grade students featured in this video include Anne, Gage, Ian and Lauren from Mrs. Edmondson’s class, Bennett, Jackson, Kiley and Matthew from Mrs. Hannemann’s class and Abby, Avery, Elliot and Jack S. from Mrs. Volpe’s class.

Interested in seeing more? Visit the teacher’s web sites.

Native American Quotes Project (4:49)

African Animals Project (2:01)

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