“What’s Really In There?” – Video (3:12)

You hear it more and more these days. Teachers getting out of the way in order to let students take more charge of their own learning.

This project was conceived, written and performed by three ambitious fourth grade boys. The only thing I did was help them with developing the scenes, consult when necessary and edit the video. George was our cameraman and Andrew and Liam provided the on-screen talent.

Education technology consultant Gary Stager refers this idea as “Less us, more them.” Some of the very best in learning happens when good teachers realize the importance of this simple idea.


The 4 Ghostly Girls Video (4:31)

This was certainly our most ambitious video project to date. The 4 Ghostly Girls (Grace, Meg, Megan, and Reese) first approached me with the idea of videotaping a skit that had written about a new girl at school who just happened to be – you guessed it – a ghost. We decided it would interesting and a whole lot of fun if the girls did some research on ghosts and put it together with their skit and told the story through video.

Everyone was so proud of the work these girls did that we wanted to feature it in our final Sheridan School Sharing Day of the year. But it was decided that it was just too scary for our younger students.

What do you think?


AKA Bush Baby

One of the great things about being a Tech Coach is having the opportunity to learn right along with the students. Many of the VoiceThread projects we have created have been about subjects I knew very little about… same holds true for Nia and Jillian’s Galago project.

“The Galago” by Nia and Jillian

[kml_flashembed movie="http://voicethread.com/book.swf?b=526645" width="480" height="360" wmode="transparent" /]


Our Sheridan Shark Voki
With the help of Ms. Rabito, we created our first “voki” for a fabulous project called Voices of The World. Each month, Sharon Tonner, a teacher in Dundee, Scotland, sets out a different task to encourage schools to introduce and infuse new technology into their curriculum.

The task for September was for schools to submit an animated voki – each with the same prescribed text but in its native language. The goal of this activity was to have students listen to the same script in different languages while enjoying the creativity of each other’s “voki.”
Click here to see the entries from around the world – including ours.

At this point, we are one of only a few districts from the U.S.A. to participate in this project.

Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!
Click the triangle under to shark to play…

The States Reports
As part of their “States” report our fourth graders created these very cool post cards with PowerPoint. Students learned how to insert text, images and backgrounds while experimenting with design and layout. The presentations were on display in their classrooms during Family Sharing night.

Mr. Knowling’s Fourth Graders (4:39)
Mr. Knowling’s Post Card PowerPoint Activity

Ms. Rabito’s Fourth Graders (4:49)
Ms. Rabito’s Post Card PowerPoint Activity

Mrs. Schlemm’s Fourth Graders (4:29)
Mrs. Schlemm’s Post Card PowerPoint Activity

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    I’m a 4th grade teacher and I loved your state postcards! What a great idea.


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